Here you will find the most frequently asked questions that we receive from our visitors.

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Q. Are there any fees to use the PWAH online job search service?

A. You can use our online job search engine as often as you like for free. 


Q. How often is the online job database updated? 

A. Our system updates automatically every 4-6 hours so you’ll always be able to see the most updated online job listings and work at home opportunities.


Q. How many online job listings do I have access to?

A. We aggregate listings from various job websites, job boards, newspapers, associates and company career pages.  At any given time, you will have access to thousands of real online jobs and work at home job opportunities.


Q. How can I search for online jobs in my area?

A. You can search by city, state, country and other specific criteria by using the flexible search filters available with our “Advanced Search” option.


Q. What other services does PWAH offer?

A. We offer a free basic resume writing service as well as a fee based comprehensive resume service.  We also provide valuable insight and information to our email subscribers via our weekly newsletter and can send new online job opportunities directly to your inbox.


Q. If I subscribe to your email list is my information secure and will you share it with others?

A. Your personal information is 100% secure and it will never be shared, sold or otherwise distributed without your explicit consent.  You can review our complete Privacy Policy Here for more information.


Q. Can you guarantee that the jobs found though your service are legitimate?

A. Since we aggregate online job listings through a variety of means, we do not endorse specific companies or jobs and we encourage you to investigate any and all job opportunities that you decide to pursue.  We make every reasonable effort to partner with the best job websites, job boards, newspapers etc. to help minimize any risk to our subscribers.

Q. What if I have other questions about your service?

A. You should send any other questions via our Contact Us form.


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